April 2nd, 2008


K/Jpop Fic: Journeys of the Heart Chapter Nine

Title: Journeys of the Heart
Chapters: 9/?
Author: Ravenx (me, duh! realm_of_ravenx)
Rating: PG (changes depending on chapter)
F-locked by: 04.05.08
Warnings: Yaoi; AU; swearing; violence; sexual situations
Bands: Super Junior, DBSK, NEWS, and Kat-tun
Pairings: Ryoda, TaNaka, Koyige, EunHae, ChangKiMin, TegoMass, SiHanChul, YeWook, Akame, JaeHo, YooSu, KangTeuk, possible others
Beta: None unless you count me and I suck at betaing
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the bands or any of the individuals in the bands. I’m making no money off this so please no suing.
Notes: As far as I know I have made up all the names of the towns, planets, and places in this story.
Summary: In the future pirates have taken to the vast darkness of space where they continue to pillage and plunder. But for a select few the journeys they endure are not always just physical. Their so called ‘black hearts’ can be broken and played with just like any human.

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