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K/Jpop Fic: Journeys of the Heart Chapter Nine

Title: Journeys of the Heart
Chapters: 9/?
Author: Ravenx (me, duh! realm_of_ravenx)
Rating: PG (changes depending on chapter)
F-locked by: 04.05.08
Warnings: Yaoi; AU; swearing; violence; sexual situations
Bands: Super Junior, DBSK, NEWS, and Kat-tun
Pairings: Ryoda, TaNaka, Koyige, EunHae, ChangKiMin, TegoMass, SiHanChul, YeWook, Akame, JaeHo, YooSu, KangTeuk, possible others
Beta: None unless you count me and I suck at betaing
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the bands or any of the individuals in the bands. I’m making no money off this so please no suing.
Notes: As far as I know I have made up all the names of the towns, planets, and places in this story.
Summary: In the future pirates have taken to the vast darkness of space where they continue to pillage and plunder. But for a select few the journeys they endure are not always just physical. Their so called ‘black hearts’ can be broken and played with just like any human.

Previous Chapters:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

Chapter Nine

“Yunnie…ah…” JaeJoong moaned softly as his lover continued to nip and suck on his neck, his fingers running through the other man’s dark brown hair gently.

JaeJoong laid across the long sofa in the living room, his head against the arm rest as Yunho draped himself over the smaller man. The black haired man moaned into the room as large, strong hands moved up and down his sides under his shirt. Yunho nibbled on the smaller man’s neck, his hips started to gently bump against the other as JaeJoong widened his legs to allow the other between them.


“Please what, BooJae?” Yunho’s muffled voice spoke against the other’s soft skin.

“I want you, Yunnie. Don’t make me beg.” JaeJoong pouted.

Yunho chuckled as he kissed up his lover’s neck and jaw before attaching the other’s soft lips. JaeJoong giggled softly as he wrapped his arms around his larger lover, his nails running down the other’s clothed back. One of JaeJoong’s legs draped over Yunho’s hip as the other man’s hips thrusted slightly harder into his own.

“Uh…excuse me.” A voice said quietly from the entrance of the long hallway leading into the room.

JaeJoong glanced over with hooded eyes before they widened and he pushed his lover off his body and the couch. The smaller man quickly sat up straight, his hands moving to rearrange his clothes as he smiled at the new arrival.

“Changmin! What do you need, sweetie?”

“BooJae.” Yunho whined as he picked himself off the floor, brushing the dust off his pants with a wince.

“There is someone who wants to talk to Yunho.” Changmin glanced behind him and motioned down the hall to someone out of view.

“Who is it? I’m busy right now.” Yunho growled as he rubbed his sore back.

“Its me. Make time.” Ryo glared at the other man as he stepped into the room.

“You want Ueda for another day? That’s not like you, Ryo.” The other man shook his head slightly.

“Its not about another day but it is about Ueda. Can we take in private?” Ryo asked as he glanced at the slightly taller, younger man next to him.

“Of course. Changmin go on back up to your room.” Yunho smiled at the other man as he nodded and left before sitting down on the couch next to his lover.

“A little more private maybe?” The captain nodded toward the black haired man sitting next to the other.

“Uh…JaeJoong…uh…could you…”

“Don’t even think of getting rid of me. If it has to do with one of my boys then I’m staying.” JaeJoong crossed his arms over his chest as he sat back on the sofa, his eyes daring both men to try and move him.

“Fine. But keep your mouth shut about what I’m saying.” Ryo growled as he moved over to sit on the chair in front of the others.

“What about Ueda do you need to talk about?” Yunho asked.

“I was just…” Ryo sighed heavily as shook his head. “I was just wondering how much…it would cost to…what you it would take to…”

“Spit it out.”

“What would it take to get Ueda out of this whore house?”

“What?” JaeJoong asked with wide eyes.

“How much would it cost to get Ueda out of here?” Ryo repeated.

“You want to…what exactly would that mean?” Yunho asked.

“I want Ueda out of this place and…and possibly on my ship.”

“As your private whore or as a crew member?” JaeJoong questioned as he glanced quickly between the other two men.

“A…crew member and possibly...more.” Ryo shrugged.

“You want him as your lover, don’t you?” The small black haired man smiled as he scooted closer to the edge of the sofa.

“That isn’t any of your business.” Ryo growled.

“What does Ueda think of this?”

“I haven’t mentioned anything about it to him.”

“You should.” JaeJoong nodded.

“Why am I talking to you?” The tall captain question with a glare before turning to face the other man on the sofa. “How much will it cost, Yunho?”

“If you take Ueda that leaves us with only three boys.” Yunho sighed. “That will cut a lot into our profit seeing that Ueda is one of the more popular boys.”

“I don’t have much but I’ll give you what I do have.”

“I don’t think s…”

“Ryo, go wait in the front for a moment. Yunho and I have to talk for a minute.” JaeJoong stood up quickly and motioned for the other man to move back down the hallway.

“JaeJoo…” Yunho tried to speak.

“In a minute, Yunho. Ryo, go on. I’ll call you back when we’re finished.”

Ryo rolled his eyes before standing and moving down the hallway, his head shaking back and forth as he mumbled under his breath. JaeJoong watched until the other man disappeared before turning back to his lover.

“Were you about to tell him no?”

“Yes. We can’t lose one of our best boys.” Yunho nodded as he watched his lover carefully.

“But can’t you see those two have finally realized that they love each other? This is great news that Ryo is actually taking a step forward in their relationship and wants to have Ueda with him all the time. You can’t stop that from happening.” JaeJoong glared at his lover.

“I have to think of the Treasure Cove, JaeJoong. We can’t afford to lose one of our boys. It can’t happen.”

“You know that is a lie, Yunho. We have a load of savings that is still growing with everyday. We can afford to get rid of one boy, hell all of them if we need to.”

“Then what do you think will happen? What do you expect us to do if we get rid of all our boys?” Yunho’s voice raised as he stood up.

“I’m not saying we have to get rid of all of them right now. I’m just saying letting Ueda go won’t affect us that much.” JaeJoong sighed.

“What’s to say that Shige won’t want to leave with his lover? Ryo and Koyama are on the same ship.”

“This isn’t about Shige and Koyama. It will be fine if Ueda goes with Ryo.” The black haired man glared at his lover.

“JaeJoong...I just don’t know what we will do to make a living if this place has to be shut down because we don’t have any more boys.” Yunho sighed as he flopped back down onto the sofa. “I’m just worried about being able to take care of you. I don’t want you to have to go back to whoring to make a living.”

“I don’t want that to happen either, Yunnie. But I what the boys to be happy like I am. My prince charming rescued me and now Ueda’s prince is coming to his rescue.” JaeJoong smiled as he moved to sit by the other man, his arms wrapping around Yunho’s shoulders tightly. “If something were to happen and the Treasure Cove had to shut down we still have money to live for a while until we think of something else to do.”

“I guess you’re right. I just never thought Ryo would be the first one to take one of the boys away.” Yunho sighed as he leaned into his lover’s touch.


“Does this happen often?” Tegoshi asked as he leaned against the metal wall of the long, narrow hallway.

“This is a first for me.” Masuda said beside the other man, his light brown eyes watching the steel door across from them where shouts were coming from.

“Massu bringing a boy on board wasn’t really that shocking but Kangin…that’s something else.” Kame stared at the same door the others were.

“Maybe the Captain has gone insane.” Jin said from beside his lover.

“Don’t be stupid, Jin. The Captain’s just horny.” Yamapi rolled his eyes before turning down the hallway. “If anyone needs me I’ll be in the engine room.”

“The Captain may be horny but is it really worth all that screaming?” Jin asked.


“Let me out of here.” The brunette yelled as he pounded his thin fist on the metal door, his shoed feet kicking every once in a while.

“Shut up for two seconds.” Kangin growled as he ran his hands through his short hair.

“You can’t kidnap me. Let me out of here.”

“I said shut up.” The black haired man stormed over to the other, his hands grabbing the thin shoulders and pulling him away from the door.

“Let go of me.”

Kangin growled as he threw the smaller man onto the bed in the room, his black eyes narrowing as he stared at the other. The brunette glared as he pressed his back against the headboard of the bed, his fist clenching the sheets under him.

“Don’t come near me.”

“What’s your name?” Kangin asked.

“Why should I tell you?” The smaller man continued to glare.

“So I know what to call you. Unless you want me to call you something else. And trust me, I have plenty of names running through my head right now.” The captain growled.

“Let me go and you won’t have to call me anything.”

“Its too late for that. We are already on our way to Torbinon.”

“The pirate planet? I don’t want to go there. What are you going to do to me?” The other man brought his knees to his chest, his arms wrapping around his thin legs.

“I’ll do what I want with you. Now tell me your name or else.” Kangin gritted his teeth as his fists shook at his sides.

The smaller man just glared at the other, his eyes never moving from the larger man in front of him as he pressed his lips tightly together. Kangin growled loudly as he stepped closer to the bed, kneeling down to grab the other man’s wrist and dragging him toward him.

“Tell me your name.”

“L…LeeTeuk.” The smaller man gasped out as he struggled weakly against the other man. “Please, let me go.”

“No. You’re mine now so shut up and learn to do what I tell you or else. Got it?” Kangin growled as he jerked the other man slightly.

“You’re hurting me. Stop it.” LeeTeuk cried out as he tried to pull his wrist from the larger man’s hand.

Kangin let go of the other’s thin wrist before watching LeeTeuk scramble back on the bed to the headboard, turning away from him and curling into a small ball. Sighing loudly Kangin just shook his head as he stepped away from the bed.

“Just calm down. I’ll be back in a little with some food for you. Don’t destroy anything in here or else you’ll regret it.”

Kangin took one more look at the shivering man on his bed before moving out the door, his head shaking all the way as he took a deep breath.


End Notes: And for those wondering, no Kangin isn’t really that mean. He is just confused about his feelings right now and doesn’t realize that he is hurting Teukie and…well…acting like a jerk. I promise he will be nicer in the future. ^_^

Character Banners Here.

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